Weight Loss Frequently Asked Questions

What are advantages of cooking at home?

How can I add fruit to my diet?

How can I cook with less fat?

Can water help me lose weight?

Are alternative sweetners effective for weight loss?

What are some reasons to lose weight?

Do crash diets work?

What is a Healthy Weight?

How important are the scales?

What are the fundamentals of weight loss?

Who is responsible for my weight loss?

Can resistance training help me lose weight?

Do I have to strenously exercise to lose weight?

What are the benefits of walking?

What is cross training?

How do I overcome exercise barriers?

What type of gear to I need to begin an exercise program?

What are the government guidelines for weight loss?

What is a serving size?

Should I understand nutrition claims found on food packages?

What are empty calories?

How can variety, balance, and moderation of foods improve my diet?

Where can I get free nutrition information?

Is weight loss support important for success?

Should I ask for weight loss support?

Where can I get social support?

How can I deal with non-support

How do I effectively communicate the support needed for weight loss?

What are the benefits of joining a self-help group?

What are some rules family should follow to support an overweight family member?

How does my enviroment affect my weight loss success?

How do I overcome holiday excuses?

What should my weight loss goal be during the holidays?

What are some tips to curb my holiday eating?

What are some ways to workout during the holidays?

Can a holiday meal be healthy?

How can I eat more slowly?

Do weight loss supplements work?

What can I cook on my grill?

Why should I put myself first?

How do I improve my self esteem?

Should women strength train?

What are some tips for healthy air travel?

How do I make healthy food choices while traveling?

How can I effectively use my hotel amenities?

What are ways to be active on my vacation?

How do I stay hydrated while I fly?

How can I make eating out healthier?

What are some food that are easy to eat on the road?

What type of weight loss surgery is right for me?

Am I a candidate for weight loss surgery?

How do I find a good weight loss surgeon?

How does liposuction work?

What are the risks of weight loss surgery?

What can I eat after bariatric surgery?

What does Weight Loss Surgery Cost?

Will I be required to take vitamins and minerals?

What are some behavior changes needed after surgery?

What is a behavioral goal?

How do I prevent negative self-talk

Why is readiness important for weight loss?

How do I deal with weight loss plateaus?

What's the difference between lapse and relapse?

Why is record keeping important?

How do I set realistic goals?

How do I avoid food triggers?

How can I avoid overeating?

What are some ways to stay motivated?

How can I lose weight quickly?

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