Travel Fitness

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How do I continue my exercise routine while traveling?

Travel Fitness

Exercise is a key ingredient to weight loss success. All too often, travel is used as an excuse to skip workouts. To get your workouts in while on the road, create a travel diet plan that works with your busy lifestyle. Most hotels and conference centers have workout facilities on site, and there are always healthier eating choices when you travel so you can stick to your diet. You just need to know where to look! Here are some tips to ensuring you stay healthy on your next trip:

  • Be sure to pack all of the exercise gear you intend to use on your trip. It could be as simple as packing workout clothes and a pair of walking shoes. However, there is nothing wrong with packing workout bands, jump ropes, exercise balls, video tapes or whatever else you need for a good workout.
  • Only make reservations at hotels that have a gym or exercise room. When making accommodations, you probably should call the specific hotel you plan to stay at because exercise equipment can vary even within the same chain. When making reservations also ask what type and brand of fitness equipment the hotel offers. Some hotels may even subscribe to a fitness channel so that you can workout in the privacy of your own room.
  • Perform strength exercises using your body weight such as push-ups, crunches, and wall squats in your room.
  • Ask hotel staff for local gyms and fitness facilities nearby. Or, get a map of the area you're in staying in. You never know - there could be a nice park or walking trail a short distance from your hotel.



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