Use Healthy Snacks to Prevent Poor Eating While Traveling

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What are some suggestions to avoid poor eating while traveling?

Use Healthy Snacks to Prevent Poor Eating While Traveling

When traveling, avoid the temptation to consume high calorie, high fat foods by bringing your own healthy snacks to eat. It takes planning, but having healthy food to travel with such as dried fruit, trail mix, pretzels, rice cakes, low fat mozzarella, or nuts can save you hundreds of calories in the long run. Other favorite non-perishables include sliced vegetables, fruit, crackers, dry cereal, and peanut butter. For those who need higher calorie snacks, meal replacement bars are also an option. With all of these healthy snack options, there is no reason for you to ruin your diet while on the road.

Snacks can be stored almost anywhere such as in a briefcase, backpack, or even your coat pocket. If traveling by air, place your favorite healthy snacks into your carry-on or purse. Always bring bottled water because it fills you up, and keeps you hydrated during your travel. Using healthy snacks should be part of the travel diet plan for all those attempting weight loss.



1/24/2012 1:40:58 PM
Cathy Lindsay said:

This info has helped some. Thank you much. I am the Street Patrol Coordinator for a native agency. We foot patrol 16 hours a day during the evening and midnite hours....This time of year, we try to meet the basic needs of our street people and find it difficult to provide them with quick items, food,clothing that may be needed on the spot. The breakfast bars, and cheese/peanut butter bars snacks are a great idea. So far my staff have provided sandwiches, soup, fruits, juices etc. Clothing - wise during the winter is harder to keep up with the demand of warm wear as so often, our folks lose them or sell them, usually the prior. Again, thanks for the help of additional information. Chi'Miigwetch (Big Thank you.


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