Meal Timing

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Should I eat more or less often to lose weight?

Meal Timing

Has this ever happened to you? You get up, go to work, and you are so busy during the day that you barely make time for lunch. With our fast paced American lifestyle, there is a natural tendency to eat more calories at night instead of spreading them out over the course of the day. Eating smaller more frequent meals is one of many healthy weight loss tips that can be used to elevate metabolism and keep you from overeating late at night.

Cut down on the amounts eaten at lunch and dinner plus add a mid-morning and afternoon snack. You can adjust this depending on what works for you. Believe it or not, eating more often could actually help you consume fewer total calories over the course of the day. By eating five or six smaller meals the chances of these calories causing weight gain is reduced. Another reason why you should eat often is that it makes you feel more in control around food. You are not ravenous all the time because you are eating frequently. Give this healthy weight loss tip a try, you might also find that your energy levels are more stable throughout the day.



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