Alcohol in Moderation = Weight Loss For Men

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How does alcohol affect my weight?

Alcohol in Moderation = Weight Loss For Men

One important weight loss diet plan tip for men is to limit alcohol consumption. Men drink alcohol for a variety of reasons with work-related stress being at the top of the list. Alcohol is not all bad. In fact, research suggests that drinking in moderation may actually decrease the risk of coronary heart disease. For men, drinking in moderation is defined as one or two drinks per day. The problem for weight conscious males is that alcoholic beverages have calories but provide little nutrition. A can of light beer has about 100 calories while a regular beer contains 150 calories; this is similar to the calories found in a can of regular soda. Wines tend to be lower in calories but mixed drinks can have a surprisingly high calorie count based on its ingredients. Alcohol affects weight because when men drink there is a tendency to have a few beers not just one or two. This combined with the fact that alcohol influences our food choices and is usually consumed at times when we are very inactive. Some men could probably lose significant amounts of weight by eliminating or drastically cutting back on alcohol. Limiting alcohol intake should be part of any man's healthy weight loss diet plan.



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