Diet Information For Healthy Weight Loss

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What are some strategies to deal with stress?

Diet Information For Healthy Weight Loss

While much of mainstream weight loss diet information targets women, you may wonder, “Do men and women lose weight differently?” Probably not, but it has been suggested that the triggers for eating are different for men and women.

For men, stress seems to be the one emotion most often associated with overeating. Many overweight men can trace their weight problems back to stress. There are many ways men can control stress in their lives, and it starts with implementing a successful weight loss and diet plan. Identify the stress and change your response it. In other words, replace overeating with a more positive behavior. There are many alternatives to choose from such as going for a walk, reading, listening to your favorite music, or calling a friend. Develop some constructive behaviors and have them ready to go when stress triggers the desire to overeat or eat something you shouldn't. Another method of controlling stress is by actively practicing stress management techniques. Examples of stress management techniques can be found below.

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Imagery
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Exercise
  • Being fit and healthy also increases your ability to deal with stress as it arises
  • Organization skills
  • A neater physical environment at the office and at home decrease clutter and reduces stress
  • Time Management Skills- learning to prioritize tasks and avoid over-commitment reduces stress
Stress reduction will not only decrease your urge to overeat but also positively affect other aspects of your life. Ultimately, how you handle stress is up to you. Learning to deal with stress will improve the long-term success of your weight loss program.



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