Dealing With Cravings on Your Weight Loss Program

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How do I deal with cravings?

Dealing With Cravings on Your Weight Loss Program

Cravings are intense feelings that drive you to eat your favorite foods at times when you are not hungry. You can be making great progress on your weight loss diet program but at some point in your journey a craving will strike. These cravings are highly individualized, meaning that some women might crave chocolate while others can't do without ice cream. Keep in mind that cravings are based on emotions. Women who go on and off diets frequently seem to be more affected by cravings. To identify cravings in your weight loss program, pay close attention to the triggers that make you want to eat. Be sure to ask yourself if you are truly hungry or acting on a craving. Here are several ways you can deal with cravings.

  • Distraction—Try to distract yourself and see if the craving passes. Often times it will.
  • Food Substitution—Instead of the high calorie, high fat ice cream, try low-fat chocolate pudding or yogurt.
  • Use portion control—To satisfy cravings, instead of eating an entire bowl of ice cream try to eat a smaller serving or only have a couple of bits. Eat those bits slowly savor each one.
  • Give in to cravings—Every now and then go ahead and indulge in your favorite foods. Sometimes this can save you calories. If you eat around your cravings only to give in later you'll end up consuming a lot more calories.
The success of your weight loss diet program depends on your diligence and commitment to losing weight. Stay focused and stay on target!



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