Don't Drink All Your Calories

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Do high calorie beverages contribute to weight gain?

Don't Drink All Your Calories

What type of drinks do you consume throughout your day? Do they contain calories? Drinking too many high calorie beverages when eating healthy will ruin even the best diet plan. Over the course of a month or two, cutting back on liquid calories will help you lose weight.

Many of us take for granted the number of calories that are in regular sodas, juice, or even fat-free milk. While each of these has its place in a healthy weight loss diet plan, you should be careful not to consume large volumes of drinks that are high in calories. Each of these has about 120-150 calories per 12 ounces. Although these products have little to no fat, calories count so that means you can't drink unlimited amounts. One research study suggests that consuming high calorie beverages with meals may actually lead to weight gain. A study at Pennsylvania State University found that women consumed an extra 104 calories when they had calorie containing drinks with meals. It appears surprisingly enough that liquid calories don't contribute to feelings of fullness.



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