The Benefits of Regular Exercise

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What are the benefits of regular exercise?

The Benefits of Regular Exercise

Do you exercise on a regular basis? If not, you are not alone. Approximately 60 percent of the population does not get enough physical activity. Interestingly enough this is about the same number of people that are overweight or obese. In our fast paced society, technology has made us more inactive. Exercise is an important player in any effective weight loss program. Exercise should become part of your daily routine something to look forward to and miss when you don't get it . A daily exercise regimen has many benefits. Most overweight individuals understand that exercise burns calories, which along with diet creates the caloric deficiency necessary for weight loss. Other important benefits of exercise include:

  • Controlling appetite—some studies suggest that moderate amounts of exercise are effective in suppressing appetite
  • Increases metabolism—using a diet only strategy to lose weight slows your metabolic rate, making weight loss even more difficult. Regular exercise speeds metabolism consequently offsetting the reduction in metabolic rate that occurs from dieting.
  • Improves self confidence—when you engage in an exercise routine it makes you feel good which serves to boost confidence and self-esteem. This confidence is then carried over to your diet plan.
  • Preserves muscle—unfortunately when you lose weight your body loses fat and muscle.



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