Using Online Meal Plans: A Recipe for Success

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How does online meal planning work?

Using Online Meal Plans: A Recipe for Success

Meal planning is one feature frequently offered by popular online weight loss programs. Daily menus provide online weight loss help for dieters who want to take the guesswork out of healthy eating. Some programs will customize meal plans by having you answer questions about food preferences. The program will also use your personal information to estimate daily calorie needs for weight loss. Menus are then designed to meet this target calorie level as well as provide you with adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. To ensure that the menus are safe and effective, find out if the menus are written by a registered dietitian (RD). An RD is a food expert and the only licensed professional that is legally able to write menus. Using your daily menu is easy. You have access to your foods and recipes well in advance. This allows you time to review and print them out if necessary. Some programs will even put together grocery store shopping lists. Using meal plans is a fun, easy way to watch what you eat while also learning how to prepare healthy foods.



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