Overcoming Exercise Barriers

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How do I overcome exercise barriers?

Overcoming Exercise Barriers

Identifying and overcoming exercise barriers are an important step to permanent weight loss. One of the biggest predictors of long term weight loss success is regular physical activity. What are the reasons that prevent you from becoming more active? To ensure your success you must become more active than you are now. No one said it would be easy. What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals? Below are some of the most common reasons people give for not being active and ways to navigate these obstacles.

I don't have time to exercise

  • Squeeze in short bouts of exercise throughout your day. You burn the same number of calories walking 10 minutes several times per day as you do during a longer 30 minute walk.
  • Get up earlier a couple of days per week. This is an excellent way to start your day.
  • Why not have a walking meeting? Instead of meeting a client in your office meet at a park or you could walk around your facility as you discuss business.
  • Multi-task by walking around the field at your child's soccer game.
  • Arrange for your spouse to pick up the kids from school so that you can get in a workout.
Exercise is boring to me

  • Add cross-training to you exercise regimen.
  • Exercise can be a social activity. Invite co-workers or other friends to exercise with you.
  • Try something new like an exercise class at the gym or participate on a church league softball team.
  • Listen to music or anything else that will motivate you to be more active.
I'm too tired after work

  • Keep your workout bag in the car and go straight to the gym after work.
  • Keep your workout shoes at work so you can get in a short walk when you have an opportunity.
  • Watch the evening news as you exercise on your fitness equipment at home.
I'm embarrassed to exercise in public

  • Use an exercise DVD at home
  • Join an exercise class that has other individuals with weight problems
  • Tell yourself that it's more important to lose weight than to be embarrassed and just go do it.
I've had bad experiences with exercise in the past

  • Just because you were treated badly in gym class or by a high school football coach is no reason to give up on exercise. Maybe you did too much too soon and got injured. You are in control so choose activities that are fun, starting slowly and building up over time.
Everyone can find reasons not to exercise. To break down exercise barriers you must make a commitment by planning exercise into your day. You make appointments for other important activities in your day, why not exercise?



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