Avoid Empty Calories

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What are empty calories?

Avoid Empty Calories

One simple yet effective way to improve your diet is to avoid empty calories. What are empty calories? Food that provides excessive amounts of calories with little or no nutritional value is empty calories. Some empty calorie foods include french fries, chips, candy, soda, and alcoholic beverages. Choosing foods that are more nutrient dense is important. As an example, nonfat milk would be considered more nutrient dense and a better beverage choice than a sugared soft drink. See your body as a machine that needs the right type of fuel for optimal performance. If you don't put the correct kind of foods in your body you will not function at your peak. It's like putting diesel gas in your car. For weight loss it is important get rid of or really limit the junk food. To increase the quality of your diet focus on consuming nutrient rich foods.



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