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Where can I get free nutrition information?


One powerful website that can provide free online weight loss help to those who are overweight is MyPyramid ( MyPyramid is an educational tool found online that was developed by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture (USDA). MyPyramid replaced the Food Guide Pyramid and contains the most up to date governmental information regarding food and physical activity. The goal of MyPyramid is to help you make smarter food and physical activity choices. This in turn will improve your health and move you towards a healthier weight. There are many tools available at MyPyramid including:

  • MyPyramid Plan
    • Provides the amount of each food group you need daily. You enter your information and receive a personalized food guide.
  • Steps to a Healthier Weight
    • The Steps to a Healthier Weight provides helpful diet and exercise information for weight loss.
  • Tips and Resources
    • This section gives tips and ideas to help you improve your diet.
  • Related Sites
    • For more information on diet and related topics, try these links to other Federal government and partner websites:
  • Pyramid Tracker
    • You can evaluate you current diet and physical activity pattern using MyPyramid Tracker.
You should give MyPyramid a try. It is a wonderful way to increase your nutrition knowledge and to assess your current food intake. These are both important aspects of any successful weight loss plan.



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