Self-Help Groups

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What are the benefits of joining a self-help group?

Self-Help Groups

There are many different self-help groups available for those attempting weight loss. Weight loss self-help groups may be found in the community calendar section of your local paper, in commercial weight loss centers or even online. Almost any structured weight loss program you participate in will likely occur in a group setting. Self-help groups provide a wonderful social outlet and allow discussion to be held in a comfortable non-threatening environment.

Being around others who are attempting to improve their health through weight loss can be very inspiring. During meetings there are opportunities to receive helpful information, gain feedback from peers, and obtain guidance in tough situations. Going to a weight loss self-help group and seeing successful losers can be quite encouraging. It provides motivation and increased self-confidence about achieving your goals if you only work hard enough. It also allows you to learn from others and develop problem-solving skills that are necessary for success. If you have an opportunity to join a group, it can be a very rewarding experience.



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