Family Support for Weight Loss

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What are some rules family should follow to support an overweight family member?

Family Support for Weight Loss

If you are to succeed in losing weight you must have your family onboard. They must be your biggest cheerleaders. Below are several important things your family should do and avoid as they assist you along this process.

Things to Avoid

  • Threats: Using threats will only serve to anger the overweight family member. Nothing positive can come from it.
  • Don't conceal food.
  • The overweight family member will find the food sooner or later and be resentful.
  • Don't attack or lecture.
  • Avoid talking down to the overweight family member. This will make them feel worse about themselves not better.
  • Don't expect perfection.
  • Weight is something that's managed not cured. Be patient and compassionate if there is a setback.
  • Don't avoid social activities due to the overweight family member's weight. This will cause the person's self-esteem to plummet and create resentment towards the family
Things to Do

  • Be positive: Always be willing to provide an encouraging word and pat on the back.
  • Keep a relaxed atmosphere at home. This allows plenty of time for the overweight family member to devote to eating right and exercising more.
  • Be an exercise partner.
  • Forgive lapses. The overweight family member feels badly enough as it is, no need to make them feel worse by coming down on them. Stay positive and move forward.



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