Weight Loss Supplements Don't Work

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Do weight loss supplements work?

Weight Loss Supplements Don't Work

The weight loss supplement business is a billion dollar industry. Many men fall prey to supplement companies by trying the “quick fix” method of weight loss. If there was a supplement out there that safely and effectively enhanced weight loss, it would be the most popular pill in the world. The FDA would have approved it, the news would have reported it and doctors would be prescribing it. However, there is no evidence-based research that any supplement or combination of vitamins and supplements produce weight loss. Companies can claim almost anything and still sell supplements even after people die. As you look on the ingredient label of supplement bottles, you might find it includes compounds like ginseng, caffeine, L-carnitine and chromium picolinate. These compounds have not been proven to cause weight loss.

One new medication that is now being sold over-the-counter is called Alii. It is half the strength of the prescription medicine Orlistat, which has been around for some time. Alli works by decreasing fat absorption by approximately 30 percent. However, even with a low fat diet there are still nasty side effects. Fecal incontinence, oily stools, abdominal pain and fecal urgency are all side effects of this medication. Another effect of this drug is decreased absorption of your fat soluble vitamins. The bottom line: there are no short cuts to weight loss. Eating right and exercising is the only road to long-term weight loss.



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