Grilling Your Way to Weight Loss

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What can I cook on my grill?

Grilling Your Way to Weight Loss

One thing that many men enjoy is grilling. There is just something about firing up the grill that makes a man feel good. Another very positive aspect of grilling is that it can be a very healthy way to prepare a variety of foods. The best part is you can cook more than just meat on the grill. As a backyard chef, you can use your grill to prepare not only lean meats but also fruit, vegetables, pizza and even tasty desserts. Try some of these scrumptious, healthy foods cooked on the grill.

Place a fillet on a large sheet of aluminum foil. Add in some fresh herbs, a few lemon slices and even a bit of white wine if you'd like. Fold the aluminum foil to cover the fish and cook until the fish is done.

Similar to other wild game, you can cook venison right on the grill. To decrease the gamey taste, wrap it in foil along with seasoning to taste.

Veggie pizza
For your pizza, use a thin crust and brush olive oil on the bottom to keep it from sticking to the grill. If you'd like, try cooking the oiled crust on a perforated pizza pan initially, then transfer it to the grill. Grill the pizza crust over medium heat for approximately one to two minutes. Remove from the grill and place on cookie sheet grilled side up. Add pizza sauce and grilled vegetables then move the pizza back to the grill for two to three minutes. Sprinkle some low-fat cheese and cook until the cheese melts.

Cut vegetables of your choosing into equal-sized pieces. Place on a skewer with chunks of turkey breast, shrimp or venison. Brush with broth and grill.

Sweet corn
Take corn with the husks, remove the silk. Place the ears of corn in aluminum foil with a small amount of your favorite seasoning. Place the corn on the grill for five to10 minutes. Turning often.


  • Angel food cake can be grilled for one to three minutes or until golden brown on both sides. Top this dessert with chilled berries.
  • Make fruit kabobs. Cook three to four minutes, turning to grill each side.



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