Feeling Good About Your Body

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How do I improve my self esteem?

Feeling Good About Your Body

Do you like the way your body looks? It is very common for women who are overweight to also have a poor body image. The emphasis placed on looks in our society is undeniable. In particular, there is pressure placed on women to look thin and often women are judged more for how they look than by who they are inside.

A big problem occurs when you start to let your appearance affect how you feel about yourself (self esteem). When your self esteem falls, this keeps you from enjoying other aspects of your life. For instance, you don't go out as much because you're too embarrassed by your appearance. It can become a serious issue. Another problem occurs when you set a goal of looking like a model or actress seen in magazines and on television. Competing with this is impossible.

So how can you improve your body image? Determine the effect that weight and appearance have on your self esteem. Forget about your weight and appearance for a moment. Think about all of your positive qualities. Are you a good mother, do have unique talents are you engaged in charitable work? It is these characteristics that should become the primary factors contributing to your self esteem, not weight or appearance.

Don't go through life saying, “When I lose weight I will…” Weight should not prevent you from living and enjoying your life. Feel good about who you are as a person and just go for it. Don't let life pass you by. Losing weight and improving your appearance doesn't mean you will necessarily be happier.



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