Be a Restaurant Detective

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How do I make healthy food choices while traveling?

Be a Restaurant Detective

When deciding on your hotel, find out what healthy eateries are in walking distance. Walking to a restaurant also allows you to get some fresh air, stretch your back,and get some exercise. The Internet can be a valuable tool to help you scout out interesting, yet, healthy places to eat during your stay. Once you've located the restaurants where you want to eat, look to see if they have a website that provides the nutritional breakdown of their meals. Most do and these are very important resources to assist you in making smart food choices. Planning is the key. By looking at the restaurant menus in advance, this keeps you from making a random food selection. Another way to check for healthy foods within a destination city is to check out This site has an expert staff of nutrition professionals that consult restaurants to find healthy menu items. These items must meet specific heart healthy nutrition criteria.



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