Take Advantage of Your Hotel Amenities

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How can I effectively use my hotel amenities?

Take Advantage of Your Hotel Amenities

When booking a hotel, make sure that your room is loaded with amenities, in particular, a refrigerator and microwave. These appliances allow you the freedom to do a bit of grocery shopping. You can bring healthy snacks and drinks back to the room for storage. The room refrigerator and microwave can also come in handy if you go out to eat and have leftovers. There is no reason to waste a healthy meal! Have your waiter bring you a to-go box and store your food in the room to eat later. Before you leave the restaurant, you may want to consider ordering an extra side of fruit and/or vegetables to take back to your room, as well. If your fridge is too small, ask to use the hotel's. Most will have a staff refrigerator in the back or in their kitchen that could probably be used to store your healthy food items.



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