Plan an Active Vacation

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What are ways to be active on my vacation?

Plan an Active Vacation

If you want to maintain your weight loss momentum while on vacation, try to make it an active one. Examine possible destinations and what activities are available. If you are staying in a high-priced resort, there will be plenty of staff-lead activities for guest to take advantage of. These resorts pride themselves on having excellent workout facilities including a lap swimming pool and a full line of aerobic and strength training equipment. Regardless of your accommodations, you should plan family activities that provide plenty of physical activity. This may include taking a sightseeing tour, a walk on the beach, snorkeling, renting bicycles or other types of excursions where you are physically active. See if there are any organized fitness events happening in the area. The more calories you can burn with these activities, the easier it will be to maintain your weight during vacation. One unique vacation idea -- not necessarily for the entire family -- is to recruit a friend who also needs to lose weight and vacation at a weight loss spa. This combines the best of both worlds. You get to learn more about exercise and healthy eating, while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of a resort spa.



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