Surgical Weight Loss Options

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What type of weight loss surgery is right for me?

Surgical Weight Loss Options

There are a variety of surgical weight loss options, but the choices are based on your weight loss needs. The surgery performed is relative to the amount you need to lose; greater weight loss demands more invasive surgery. The least invasive type of surgery is liposuction, while the most invasive is a bariatric procedure, also known as a gastric bypass.

Liposuction is usually an outpatient procedure. This is a cosmetic procedure where excess fat is removed from specific areas of the body like the hips, buttocks, abdomen, flank (love handles) or chin by suction. Most insurance companies won't cover liposuction since it's considered cosmetic surgery.

Treatment using bariatric surgical procedures is often a last resort for severely obese individuals seeking weight loss. For the obese, who have been unsuccessful at weight loss, medical intervention is required. The good news is that due to the increased number of bariatric surgeries peformed in the U.S., more insurance companies are beginning to cover their cost. Bariatric surgery is the only established method of achieving successful long-term weight control for the severely obese. This type of treatment is not a cosmetic procedure. Bariatric surgery of severe obesity does not involve the removal of fat by suction, but involves reducing the size of the stomach pouch.



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