Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

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How do I prevent negative self-talk

Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk is very common for those trying to lose weight. Negative thoughts can greatly affect your ability to make successful lifestyle changes. Statements like, "I can't control my eating" or "I hate to exercise" can ruin your ability to make progress. Having frequent negative thoughts can actually trigger overeating or cause you to be less active. Identify times when you commonly engage in negative self-talk. Think about what you say to yourself and how it affects your weight loss progress. Stop the vicious cycle of self-defeat by increasing your positive thoughts.

Try this: Make a list of all the negative things you say to yourself. Next to these statements, write some positive affirmations to counter your self-defeating thoughts. The more positive statements you can come up with the better. Put these positive self-messages into practice anytime you catch yourself having negative thoughts. Immediately replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Be patient, with time you can wipe out your negative thoughts and continue with your healthy lifestyle.



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