Handling Weight Loss Plateaus

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How do I deal with weight loss plateaus?

Handling Weight Loss Plateaus

If you've attempted weight loss in the past you are probably familiar with the weight loss plateau. This is the time when your weight loss stops or you remain stagnant. It can be very frustrating. You may have to work through several plateaus before reaching your final goal. Unfortunately, there is no magic potion that will restart your weight loss. Overcoming a plateau may require tweaking of your diet or physical activity in order for weight loss to continue.

Look at your diet to see if you can cut calories further. Be aware that cutting calories below 1,000 per day is unsafe and isn't recommended unless you are medically supervised. The problem is that achieving adequate nutrition is difficult when consuming fewer than 1,000 calories. Another option to spark weight loss during a plateau is increasing your physical activity. Try challenging yourself once a week with an extra mile or a couple of hills to shake up your routine. It will make a difference. As you fight through your plateaus keep reminding yourself of the wonderful progress you have already made. Don't give up, even though you may not be where you want right now. By staying positive you can work through plateaus and continue your weight loss progress.



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