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Am I a candidate for a medically supervised weight loss program?

Understanding Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs

With the rise in obesity rates in the U.S., medically supervised weight loss programs have become more popular than ever. A medically supervised program simply means that a doctor monitors your weight loss treatment. You must come to the weight loss center each week to attend regularly scheduled classes often taught by a registered dietitian. Based on your risk level (high or low) you meet with a doctor either weekly or biweekly.

During these visits, labs are drawn and results discussed to ensure safe and healthy weight loss. Supervised programs make sense for a lot of reasons. Individuals who need to lose significant amounts of weight often have additional medical conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol and type II diabetes. As weight loss occurs throughout the program these conditions improve prompting adjustments in medication. Another common feature of most, but not all, medically based programs is the use of very low calorie diets (VLCD). These diets usually range from 800-1000 calories and incorporate the use of meal replacements. The premise of VLCD is to eliminate all food choices initially focusing on behavior modification. This is where you start relearning proper food choices and portion sizes.

Over the course of weeks and months foods are progressively added back into the diet. Once you reach your target weight you are able to move into the maintenance phase of the program. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be severely overweight or obese to join a medically supervised weight loss program. If you are overweight or obese and suffer from several other medical conditions a weight loss program supervised by a physician may be a best weight loss plan for you.

How do I choose a safe and effective weight loss program?

Choosing An Effective Weight Loss Program

With so many weight loss programs on the market, selecting the right plan to meet your needs can be a difficult chore. Before joining a weightloss program you should investigate all of your options. Don't settle for the first program you find in the phone book, because it might not be right for you. Collect as much information as possible about each potential program so that you can make an informed decision. Healthy weight loss programs that are safe and effective should:

  • Teach healthy eating and calorie reduction without eliminating specific foods or food groups.
  • Provide proven strategies for making positive and healthy behavior change
  • Consider your cultural differences
  • Encourage participation in a structured exercise program and increased daily physical activity (taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc…).
  • Promote a steady and slow weight loss over time to reach target weight loss goals
  • Provide medical supervision if the program includes consuming meal replacements or special diets like a very-low-calorie diet.
  • Have a plan to assist you in keeping the weight off after you have lost it.

What is a Healthy Weight?

Achieving a Healthy Weight

In today's society there is an allure about being thin. You see the models and actresses on television or in the movies and think that this is what you should aspire to look like. Don't fall into this trap! First and foremost realize that being thin doesn't always mean you are healthy. Do you know any thin people who have diabetes, heart disease, or even eating disorders? If you are overweight the goal should be to achieve a healthy weight not an ideal weight. None of us can achieve perfection so forget about what all of the tables and charts tell you.

A healthy weight is where your weight will fall if you are eating well and exercising in an amount that is right for you. Focus on being healthy and let your weight fall where it may. Find a weight loss meal plan that works with your lifestyle to achieve a healthy weight. Most people are under the assumption that you have to eat perfectly 100 percent of the time to lose weight. Even the best weight loss meal plan includes forbidden foods such as ice cream, cheeseburgers, and pizza. One strategy is to use the 80/20 rule. This means you eat well 80 percent of the time while indulging and being ‘bad' 20 percent of time. Exercise must be consistent and become part of your daily routine. Make it fun by doing something you enjoy. By following these simple rules you will get to a healthy weight in no time.

Are on-line weight loss programs effective?

Effectiveness of Online Diet Programs

Online diet programs are the newest development in the weight loss industry. Does an online diet program work as effectively as joining your local weight loss center? Although research in this area is limited, studies indicate that on-line programs can lead to successful weight loss particularly if the program provides ongoing support (e-mail, forums, etc.) and is customized for the individual. However, as you might expect, just signing up for an on-line program does not automatically guarantee success. Weight loss - regardless of the program used - depends on the effort of the individual. You must make the behavior changes needed to lose the weight. For some, an online weight loss diet program provides advantages due to its convenience, anonymity, and affordability. A key consideration for using an online program is your motivation level and personality. If you are someone who needs the personal contact for motivation and support then you should not use online programs. However, if you do not need face to face interaction on a weekly basis to achieve your weight loss goals then by all means seriously consider an online program. Ultimately, the most effective weight loss program for you is the one you will stick to, so select the type of program that best fits your needs.

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