Emotional Eating Affects Your Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

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What are common emotional eating cues?

Emotional Eating Affects Your Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Most women would probably agree that emotional eating is their biggest challenge in dealing with weight. When emotions fire up, even a healthy weight loss diet is put to the test. Being able to distinguish the difference between emotional eating and physical hunger is very important. Here are several emotional eating triggers that can cause you to overeat and subsequently gain weight. Be aware of these triggers and be ready to make positive behavior choices when you find yourself in these situations.

  • Anger—whether you are angry at a situation, yourself or someone else you use food to suppress your anger. It's better to deal with your anger instead of using food to make you feel better.
  • Boredom—typically you are alone, you have nothing to do, nowhere to go so you eat to occupy your time. Instead, try to be productive by doing house work, starting a new project or anything else to prevent emotional eating.
  • Despair—you may feel like nothing is going right, nothing matters, no one cares, so why care about your weight? Regain a positive attitude and get back on your healthy weight loss diet plan instead of packing on the pounds.
  • Loneliness—you may have accomplished something very special but have no one to share it with. You are tempted to treat yourself by overeating to mask the pain of loneliness. Instead of treating yourself with food, reward yourself with things that do not affect your health (shopping, seeing a movie, etc.).
Don't let emotions interfere with your weight loss diet program. You're on the right track to a healthier lifestyle! Stick with your weight loss diet program and you're on your way to a healthier lifestyle.



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