Cross Train Your Way to Weight Loss Success

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What is cross training?

Cross Train Your Way to Weight Loss Success

One way to spice up any exercise program is to cross train. The term cross training means you alternate the type of activities you participate in. If you have never exercised regularly, cross training is a great way to experience a variety of activities to determine your favorites. You don't want your exercise routine to become just that…routine.

Cross training prevents exercise from becoming boring. Choose a few activities you like and stick with them. Remember you are after a permanent lifestyle change so it's critical that you enjoy what you are doing. Otherwise your motivation to exercise will diminish over time. The best type of exercises for you are the ones that allow you to be consistent. With aerobic type activities you may choose to walk on a track one day, and then use a treadmill at your gym the next. You can participate in an aerobic classes, ride a bike, use an elliptical trainer or do a water aerobics classes. Strength training activities include the traditional use of machines and free weights on your own, enrolling in a group weight training class or doing resistance training in a pool. Another popular activity in fitness centers today is a ‘boot camp' style training program. In boot camp you engage in a range of activities to strengthen and tone your body using a military-style approach. Another benefit of cross training is that you are using your muscles in a little different way allowing you to exercise on consecutive days without much soreness or fatigue.

The best training programs combine aerobic and strength training. One example might be to participate in aerobic activities on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while strength training Tuesday and Thursday. The options are limitless. You will never go wrong by adding cross training to your exercise program.



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