Communicating Needs

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How do I effectively communicate the support needed for weight loss?

Communicating Needs

Once you have secured your support team you must be assertive and communicate to each of them how they can help you. Having open and honest communication lines is essential. You must provide them with specifics on what you want and need to be successful. Below are some tips to help you communicate your needs.

Communicate needs by using “I” statements

  • It sounds better if you say, “ I have a hard time not eating ice cream when it is around me” compared to “I have a hard time eating healthy when you keep eating ice cream in front of me." The last sentence places blame while the first one expresses how you feel.
Be specific as to how someone can be more helpful to you.

  • You might say to your spouse, “Please put the food away after dinner so that I won't be tempted to eat more later."
If you are unable to secure support from those closest to you be prepared to find an outside support group.

  • You may want to investigate online weight loss groups, registered dietitians, or local weight loss support groups.
You may have to remind others more than once when they do something that's not supportive of your weight loss effort.

  • Friends, family, and others on your support team are not perfect and may need to be reminded of your goals



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