Enviromental Support for Weight Loss

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How does my enviroment affect my weight loss success?

Enviromental Support for Weight Loss

Your environment affects not only what you eat but also how active you are. To increase your chances of success you should make your environment as conducive for weight loss as possible. This means being in the right places, participating in right activities, and becoming more educated about exercise and nutrition. Here are some tips to improve your environment support for weight loss:

  • Fitness Centers: Provides all you need to get fit and allows socialization with other like minded people.
  • Church or Charitable organizations
  • Staying active by volunteering.
  • Limit television viewing and keep home and office spaces free of food triggers.
  • Social activities without food.
  • Your children's activities: Stay involved in your children's lives by attending activities like school plays and soccer games.
  • Road races: Sign up for a 5K. Its great fun and another way to surround yourself with people interested in health and fitness.
  • City or Church League Recreational Sports: Participate on a church or recreational sports team.
  • Read magazines that contain articles related to fitness, nutrition, and weight control. Try to learn as much as possible to increase your chances of success.



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