Overcoming Excuses for Holiday Eating

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How do I overcome holiday excuses?

Overcoming Excuses for Holiday Eating

For those attempting to lose weight, the holiday season can be a difficult time. Do you raise a "white flag" of surrender during Thanksgiving and the holidays that follow? Holidays provide an easy excuse to eat whatever you want. Below are three of the most common holiday excuses used for overeating and how to combat them.

Excuse: Thanksgiving and Christmas only come around once a year.

Solution: While the holidays do only come once a year, you probably have other gatherings, parties and dinner outings year round. For special occasions, plan on when you are going to splurge. Eat a few less calories earlier in the day so you can eat a few more in the evening. You might choose one tempting food per party and enjoy every bite.

Excuse: I will offend the host if I don't sample the food.

Solution: Well-intentioned friends and family can sometimes insist you try their latest creation. Be sure to use a small plate and control your portion size. Also, only eat a small amount of dessert before moving away from the table. If you'd rather not try anything, be assertive and let the host know that you really aren't hungry and will try something next time.

Excuse: I need to keep desserts around the house for my family and company.

Solution: Keeping high calorie desserts in your house can be bad news for faithful dieters. You are likely to eat more of these desserts than your company will. The solution is to eliminate this temptation altogether or prepare healthier options.



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