Putting Your Health First

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Why should I put myself first?

Putting Your Health First

As women you know a great deal about nurturing. You probably spend a large percentage of your day caring for others. Maybe it's your children, a husband or an ailing loved one that needs care and attention. If you are working outside the home, this adds an extra burden. In our culture, you're expected to be selfless.Your own needs usually take a backseat. Unfortunately, this may be partially to blame for weight gain among many women. It's time to put an end to this way of thinking by putting yourself first. Your health has suffered long enough. Who is going to take care of you? Be assertive and ask others to step up and do their part. Schedule exercise into your day and stick to it. Other life issues can wait until your workout is completed. There is also no reason you should have to prepare separate meals for each of your children. Cook healthy meals for the whole family and if your children don't like their meal, they can do without or make their own.



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