Behavioral Weight Loss Goals

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What is a behavioral goal?

Behavioral Weight Loss Goals

Losing weight is all about changing your behavior. To successfully lose weight, you must substitute your current habits of poor eating and sedentary lifestyle with a more healthy lifestyle. When you are trying to lose weight, focus on behavioral goals, not outcome goals. If you set a goal of losing 20 lbs., it won't happen unless you first change your behavior.You can’t control how much weight you will lose each week, but you can control your behavior! Set a few goals related to your eating and exercise habits behavior that are keeping you from losing weight (such as spending too much time watching television). You will be amazed at how much progress can be made by consistently achieving your behavioral goals. You may be setting yourself up for failure by saying, “I’m going to lose 3 lbs. this week." Instead, concentrate on behaviors such as increasing physical activity, eating less junk food and dining out less.



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