Lapse Doesn't Have to Mean Relapse

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What's the difference between lapse and relapse?

Lapse Doesn't Have to Mean Relapse

The lifestyle changes necessary to achieve weight loss can be difficult. You are faced with many daily decisions that affect weight. Don't expect to be perfect all of the time. Try as you might, there will be slip ups every now and then and you are going to fall off the “diet or exercise wagon”. The guilty feelings you have when you lapse do not have to cause a total relapse. Only a string of lapses actually lead to relapse.

Relapse is where you fall back to your original unhealthy behaviors. You shouldn't see your weight loss efforts as an “all or none” proposition. This type of thinking causes you to give up after only a few mistakes. Your lapse is just a minor bump in the road, something that is easily overcome. More important than the lapse is your reaction to it. Maintain control, honestly assess your feeling about your lapse, and realize that it will not seriously affect your weight loss momentum. While you are trying to make healthy behavior choices, if lapses occur stay positive and get back on track right away.



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